Clean Sweep - Get rid of problems throughout your office, on all your business technology!

We go through each computer and server, removing unwanted software and cleaning the hardware to make your office run like clockwork.


Get rid of problems, distractions and potential disasters that eat away at productivity.

Virus Protection - Clean out common viruses that my already be embedded in your computers and install the latest protection updates.

Reduce Spam - No one can eliminate spam completely but we'll install software that will reduce the bulk of your email spam.

Hardware Cleanup - We get "under the hood" and blow away damaging dust, replace fans that are not working effectively, and look for parts that may be failing.  This can not only make your computer run better, but can extend it's life significantly.

Software Cleanup - By cleaning each computer's file system, removing unnecessary files and worthless programs, your computer will have more space and run faster.

Spyware/Adware, Toolbars, hidden Startup programs - You probably don't even know they're there, but these slow down your computer, redirect your searches, and often change your settings without your permission.  We aggressively search these out and remove them.