The Ultimate PC Based Gaming Experience

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While the technology to support multiple screens has been available for few years, AMD has led the wide screen industry with its Eyefinity Technology.

Its affect on gaming is astounding, one you need to see to believe.  The center screen shows the same game as you would see if you were using a single screen, but adding additional screens brings new, periphery type information - creating not only an advantage for the player, but also an experience that is more immersive and fun.

At Blair IT, we can consult for the DIY crowd, upgrade your existing PC to support W.I.D.E., provide multiple screen setups or even large curved screens with multiple projectors, or provide a full setup for a gaming room including design-installation-construction.

Call today to schedule a visit.  If you are just looking for a consultation (Do-It-Yourself) we are happy to help, we just charge a one-time consulting fee for a site visit to discuss the options.