Avoiding Disaster

One of our larger clients let us know that they would lose a significant amount of money if they were down for any reason, and some of the staff was prone to installing software they shouldn’t. We implemented a higher end Backup and Disaster Recovery systems (BDR) from Datto. This system not only kept live copies of their files, but also could take over for the failed server. Since their files are large, working over the web was just not an option.

When one of their users installed a new variant of a ransomware virus, access to the data was gone unless they paid a ransom. Datto had all the data and was even able to replicate the server’s functions (logins, domain security, etc.) This allowed the staff to continue to work while we cleaned up the virus, removed the encrypted files, then restored their data to the main server.

Preparation, communication, and working within the client’s budgets and risk tolerance are all hallmarks of Blair IT.

Things Just Work

Walking through a Meijer parking lot, I ran into a client who owned a small medical office. He commented “Dennis, I haven’t seen you in a while” and after thinking for a bit, he said “and that’s probably a good thing. Everything has been working flawlessly. Thanks!”

Our philosophy is built around reliability and practical solutions that “just work.” We have a broad experience in the IT world and look for the best solutions for our clients.

Power Outage

One of our favorite stories revolves around the big storm that hit the Columbus area in 2012. Many of our client’s offices were without power, and a few were being told by AEP that it might take weeks before they would have the electricity turned back on.

Back then, email was typically hosted inhouse. This meant not only were your files not accessible but you also couldn’t communicate by email to your clients.

Our solution was to rent the empty offices next to us, pick up the stranded servers, and set them up so people could either work from home or come into the temporary office. Email was made accessible over the web, and as soon as power was restored to the client’s offices we returned their server and reversed the temporary settings.